Do you travel by motorhome? Do you love golf and plan to visit multiple golf courses in Czechia in 2022? There are a few options to save money doing that, for example virtual memberships and multiple-course discount cards, but is it really worth your time looking at all the options and writing off on such a commitment? If your answers to those questions are yes, then this article is just right for you. We will dive deeper into different membership options and discuss their price/value/usefulness ratio.

Czech Golf Club

This is a virtual golf club which has a contract with 43 Czech courses to provide collective discounts in a time-sensitive membership. The type of membership depends on the frequency of you playing golf. You buy credit, and spend the credit for rounds of golf. When the credit is used up, you can always buy more rounds.

Another thing that regulates the price of your membership is the type of courses you wish to play. Courses are divided into Premium (P) and Other (E) categories. An example: you can buy 20 rounds, 8 of them on Premium courses, and you pay CZK15,000 (~ 615€), therefore one game costs exactly CZK750 (~ 31€).

However, this membership doesn’t come without its downsides. Premium courses have reservations (for this type of membership) limited to weekdays or starting after 1PM, and to be able to squeeze in, you have to order well in advance. This is a big problem for us – motorhome golfers – because we value our flexibility, and ordering 2 weeks in advance conflicts with that quite well. Therefore, I have no personal experience with such a membership, so feel free to comment and share yours. Further details at Czech Golf Club.

Voucher One Fee – Two Players

A great choice for traveling couples, this voucher allows two players to play for the price of one fee (and the voucher).

It is a project by Golf Magazine and involves 27 Czech golf courses, as well as a few Slovak and Austrian ones. Apart from being available to the general public, Golf Magazine subscribers have about a 25-30% discount for the vouchers.   Many of those aforementioned golf courses have severe limitations on when you can book your tee time using these vouchers, therefore, again, it is important to plan your trip ahead. More info at

VouchersRegular pricePrice for subscribers
6390 Kč290 Kč
12690 Kč490 Kč
One Fee – Two Players Voucher prices

Golf North

Four courses in Northern Bohemia – Česká Lípa, Liberec, Malevil and Ypsilonka – agreed to create a joint golf pass. Upon the purchase of 3/4 or 4/4 fees for these courses, the player is entitled to a discount of up to 36%. In addition to that, they can buy more games on the courses already played, again at a discount. An ideal combination for an extended motorhome weekend in Northern Bohemia. More details at

Prague Golf Card 2022

A concept very similar to that of Golf North Pass, implemented in the area around Prague. By purchasing this pass, you will be able to play Černý Most, Zbraslav, Pyšely, Beřovice and Mstětice, unfortunately there is one catch. The package is good for 7 rounds, and if you want to play each course once, say during a long-weekend trip to Prague, you will have to do this twice to use take full advantage of the package.

There are two variants to this pass – Monday to Thursday, at CZK6,590 (~ 270€), or Unlimited at CZK7,990 (~ 327€). This way you can save up to 30% compared to peak weekend prices. Further info in the Teetime booking app, where the pass can be purchased.

Western Bohemia Golf Pass

Third of its kind, the Western Bohemia pass, redeemable at Karlovy Vary, Františkovy Lázně, Sokolov, Mariánské Lázně, Cihelny and Kynžvart, allows you to save up to 35% off the original prices. This pass allows you to play discounted golf on three to five of these courses – this would make for a marvelous trip in combination with visiting spa cities in Western Bohemia. However if you don’t manage to use this discount in full, you don’t have to worry, as it is valid for a whole year since the purchase.


Gopass was established by Tatra Mountain Resorts corporation (TMR) as a discount pass mainly for skiing and accommodation in TMR skiing resorts, but since then it has expanded into the golfing world. Current Czech golf courses operated by TMR are Ostravice, Kaskáda, Olomouc and Kunětická hora. In Slovakia it is Skalica and Royal Valley Golf Club. Particular discounts for each of these courses can be found directly on their websites. Given that GoPass is free to get and you don’t sign any time-sensitive contract, there is absolutely no reason not to get it if you plan to play one of these courses.

Furthermore, TMR offers a membership at their Golf Club Central starting at CZK3,000/year (~ 123€). The price already includes a limited number of free rounds on TMR courses and members have another 30-50% discount on all fees at Kaskáda and Ostravice. Detailed information can be found under


In our opinion, this golfing pass is a must-have for every motorhome golfer out there. You can use it on a few Czech courses, but its full potential is unleashed abroad.The concept is very simple. For only 55€ per year you are entitled to play for half the price on over 1,100 selected golf courses all around Europe. Needless to say, the investment pays off in as little as two to three rounds. There is a small problem, however, in the fact that you can play each course only once, but that can be easily fixed by paying extra 20€ and getting the PLUS plan, where you can play as much as you want, even on the same course, and all for 50% off.

Premium courses don’t usually make their way into the Golfhäftet list, however, if you use their app and filter for 4 star courses and up, you will not be disappointed – at least that was the case for us. As is the case for all of aforementioned vouchers and passes, some limitations may apply as to when you can book your tee time, so be sure to check for that in advance. Additional information can be found on Golfhäftet. The card can also be purchased on Teetime.

Other 2 for 1 Passes

Countries outside of Czech Republic have numerous other vouchers working on the same basis as Voucher 1 Fee – 2 Players mentioned before – one pays, two play, but listing all of them would go way beyond the scope of this post. Below, you can find a concise table listing some of the other golf passes and countries where they apply.

PassPriceGermanyAustriaItaly  Czechia
Leisure Breaks70 €1821932Denmark
Netherlands 4Cihelny,  Fr.Lázně, Kynžvart, Mar.Lázně, Sokolov
Fairway 2 Hotel70 €397427Slovenia
Barbora, Čertovo Břemeno, Fr.Lázně, Greensgate, Hluboká, Kaskáda, Monachus, Ostrava, Písek, Telč, Terezín
Golf For 229 €163718Slovenia
Greensgate, Český Krumlov, Hluboká, Monachus, Ostrava

Fee Prices in 2022

Below, we constructed a graph summarizing green fee prices on all of Czech, 18-or-more-holes courses. They are sorted from the most expensive to the cheapest. The Excel spreadsheet is available for download.


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