Those of you, who have already travelled by motorhome, for example seeking a golf vacation, surely know how time consuming it is to decide where you will spend the night. Until recently, there were three options. One – you find a campsite, hope that it will have everything you need and, at the same time, be at a reasonable luxury level. Two – call the golf course, where you plan to play, to find out whether they are willing to let you stay overnight. Three – negotiate upon arrival, and have a plan B in case they don’t want motorhomes parking there…

But today we bring you another option, look no further! We decided to carry out a wide-scale survey including all golf courses in the Czech Republic (18 and more holes).

The survey took place throughout April 2021. We asked course managers and administrators about their attitude towards golfers traveling by motorhomes, and their opinion on parking these vehicles at the golf course overnight.

After constructing a questionnaire, a few rounds of phone calls, emails and face-to-face meetings we are delighted to inform you that the situation is more than satisfactory. A vast majority of the golf courses in question realize that golfers traveling by motorhomes are a very interesting clientele, moreover they are willing to spend money not only on green fees, but also on food and other services provided at the course. This realization leads to the fact that more than 90% of golf courses will let you stay with your motorhome at their parking lot for the night, all of this under the condition that you play the course during your stay, of course.

Another pleasant thing to hear was that some of the courses even have parking spots dedicated to motorhomes and caravans, or at least they are seriously considering constructing some. We were also very glad to hear that even courses as elite as Hluboká are welcoming motorhomes with open arms!

On the other hand, the courses that don’t allow for motorhome parking can be separated into two categories. First category includes golf courses that want to keep their image as fancy as possible, where a motorhome would simply contrast with the surroundings. These clubs are mostly private and/or pricey, like Casa Serena, Oaks and Albatross. The other ones want to be like the first category, but simply don’t reach such standards. You can find out about these in our database. 

Our new complete map of Czech golf courses contains basic information about each course, as well as services crucial for motorhome travel, such as:

  • PARKING category states, whether it is possible to park and stay with your motorhome overnight. Price defines the circumstances under which you are allowed to stay. Sometimes the parking is free, sometimes there is a fixed price, and sometimes the price depends upon agreement with the manager (Deal label). .
  • ELECTRICITY defines, if or if not you will find a socket for 230V power connection for your motorhome. Yes means that there is a socket dedicated specifically for motorhomes, whereas No means that no dedicated sockets are available. On the other hand, there are a lot of options to connect to 230V power. Sometimes there is a socket, used to recharge golf buggies, which you will be allowed to use, or an outside socket that doesn’t have to be that close to the parking lot, and you can use it after connecting with a long cable. Our recommendation is to always consult with the resort management beforehand. 
  • FRESH WATER is pretty self-explanatory. Here, the same rules apply as for the Electricity category. No means the absence of a dedicated fresh water tap, however it is entirely possible to find one inside, or around the premises of the golf course.

We try hard to keep our map as up-to-date as possible, that is why our goal is to visit every golf course and map the conditions in person. We want to encourage our readers to post, comment, update, email us and inform us about your own experiences at these golf courses to help us achieve our goal.

We, here at, hope that this database will make your golf vacation stress-free and we look forward to meeting you on our beautiful golf courses – HAVE A NICE ROUND AND A RELAXED STAY!


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