Golf Club Kynžvart

Golf Club Kynžvart
Phone: +420 733 612 901
Top100GolfCourses: 13.
LeadingCourses: 7.7

The golf resort is situated in the beautiful surroundings of the historic castle park in the English style, founded in the years 1821-1831 by Chancellor Metternich.

The resort is gracefully set into the exceptional historical and natural environment with the backdrop of a classicist chateau.

The beautiful, 18-hole, fully irrigated course, labelled GENIUS LOCI, is with its design an unforgettable experience for most players. It is no accident that every hole has its own name and story. With its beautiful appearance and the quality of the playing areas, the course is ranked among the TOP courses in the Czech Republic.

The site was designed by the famous golf course designer, Christoph Städler, who made use of the Castle Park and the surrounding nature. By combining the traditional and modern elements, he managed to create a diverse and varied course in the parkland style. The course with its tee layout will satisfy all demanding golf professionals and amateur players as well as the recreational players. In addition to the course itself, all trainings areas are available.

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