My wife and I (in the past along with our sons) are traveling by motorhome to play golf since 2013. We already managed to visit and play most golf courses in the Czech Republic, as well as numerous courses in neighbouring countries, such as Denmark, Italy, and Poland. We were also lucky enough to visit the cradle of golf itself – Scotland. While traveling, we met many people and made some friends on the golf courses – campers. Apart from the journey itself, I found myself enjoying the planning and preparation process almost to the same extent. Every experienced RV traveller undoubtedly knows what it takes to explore and prepare for the journey, so that their trip meets some expectations, but also for it to be flexible enough. After all, that’s what motorhome travel is all about. I don’t want to be tied to a fixed schedule, but I like to know my range of possibilities.

Up until 2019 we always rented a motorhome for our – it was the best choice for a few weeks per year. However, the coronavirus took us to the next level. In 2020, we were no longer able to rent a motorhome last-minute. Nevertheless, we decided to go on a golf “trip” either way, just this time not in an RV. We slept in different hotels, toured various courses, but we found that this is unfortunately no longer the way for us. Finally, at the beginning of 2021 we managed to find a motorhome fulfilling all of our requirements, and I became obsessed. Suddenly, I found that owning a motorhome is a completely different world than having it rented. You can find out about me unveiling the mysteries of owning a motorhome in the Tech section.

Now, that we can go anywhere, anytime we want, we exploit the opportunity much more often than we ever did before, and we definitely do no plan on stopping anytime soon. However, this requires more frequent preparation. In the past, when I was researching information connecting golf and motorhome travel, I found very little, if not almost none, which took me by surprise, to say the least. I began to wonder, are we the only ones travelling by motorhome in order to play golf? Upon second thought, there are probably not many of us in the Czech Republic, however, abroad, this way of traveling to play golf is much more widespread, but again I could find no dedicated web! So we decided to share our experiences and information with others, and so our – Website for golfers in motorhomes came to life.

I strongly believe that our numbers will only grow, because our ambition is to soon operate internationally. We look forward to your feedback and contributions, as our main goal is to share information and exchange experiences. Feel free and welcome to write comments under individual courses, blog posts, or pop us an email at about what you would like to see here in the future.

See you somewhere on the course, HAVE A GOOD GAME!

Bogdan Heczko
tel. +420 725 558 078

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