Panorama Golf Resort

Panorama Golf Resort
Phone: +420 602 203 203
Top100GolfCourses: 15.
LeadingCourses: 8.4

Championship course with 27 holes (River, Forest & Meadows), generous practice facilities and professional services all provide an unrivalled experience to the golfers, which is underlined by the panoramatic view of the surrounding landscape.


Most of this course is surrounded by grown trees and remarkable views of Posázaví and the town Kácov unfold in front of the players gradually. It is necessary to think of the strategy for each hole here carefully, choose where to place the tee shot and which club to use for the attact of the green. Holes where it is possible to attack easily alternate with hole where it is best to play with composure and humbleness.


Longest of the nine holes courses spreads on the meadows above the river Sázava. Each hole has its magic, you will be enthralled by the views of the landscape or unforgettable par 3 holes. Players who love to hit the driver off the tees will have a good time here. There are some holes where you can tee it off really far and help yourself to a birdie or an eagle.


The shortest and flattest of the three nine holes courses, River, is spread around the river Sázava and will incite players to play accurately among the water hazards. The greens of both par 5 holes are reachable with the second shot after a good shot off from the tee grounds. Beautiful views of the rocks in the valley of the river are a nice reward for the players.

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