Green Resort Hrubá Borša

Green Resort Hrubá Borša
Phone: +421 902 602 737
Top100GolfCourses: 5.
LeadingCourses: 7.9

The 18 hole championship course is designed to be clear with readable and visible obstacles. The aim of the design was to play golf on every level.

The first thing the player notices on the first tee  is a fairly wide fairway.  However, the total length of the course is 6,691 m of black, 6,254 m of white, 5,711 of yellow, 5,269 of blue and 4,677 m of red tees, that is, it is also ready for the game of professionals and for organizing prestigious and master competitions. Another element of the course is the top quality of grass on the fairways. It is the same grass species as it is sown on greens. Bent grass has most of the top PGA courses.

Grace and charm  adds the playground  the flooded woods, with a patulous predominantly deciduous trees in the middle,  which is fully or partially integrated with eight holes. The same applies to water. The lake touches up to half of the eighteen tracks, leaving no island green on the hole no. 16.

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