Golf Dobrouč

Golf Dobrouč
Phone: +420 734 720 682
LeadingCourses: 7.5

Golf Dobrouč is a family project that Petr Kolář and his wife Hanka were enthusiastic about. Their admiration for the picturesque landscape and interest in golf gave rise to this golf course. Their younger daughter Petra Rychetská joined in the realization of their beautiful dream.

The initial idea, to build a golf course here, originated in a place called “At Grandpa’s Tree” in the family. Grandpa Jirka always stopped here and said to us: “Don’t rush, look how beautiful it is here”. Grandpa isn’t here with us anymore, but we feel like he’s still here.

And so began the long phase of buying small plots of land. It often happened when the purchase was successful that Eliška’s grandmother remembered and said: “You see Péťo, so you returned this field to the family”. A fairly prosaic part of this land was once drunk by Eliška’s great-grandfather.

This course is also unique in that in 2017 pastor Zbigniew Czendlik, himself an enthusiastic golfer, gave our work a blessing to God. The memorial stone was donated by our grandmother Eliška.

The sports 18-hole course covers 65 hectares of rolling countryside at the foot of the Eagle Mountains. The golfer’s game will lead through the valleys between the forests and will delight you with beautiful views on the holes above.

We would like to share our enthusiasm and relaxed family atmosphere with all those who become members of our club, but also with those who stop by us for just one pleasant game.

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